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I have never thought about it in this context

that’s actually really, really creepy.

I… fuck.

Yeah, basically.

I once pointed this out to my mother and she just stared at me, in stunned silence for ages. 

There will always be a girl who is less sober, less secure, with less friends walking in a darker part of town. I want her safe just as much as I want me safe.

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The conflict in Gaza makes me feel so powerless. I want to make a change but as a single, regular person there’s so little I can do.. It just amazes me how people treat each other and how cruel and emotionless they can be. Could you imagine killing somebody? Killing a soul filled with dreams, hopes and wishes? And especially an innocent soul? It just seems so surreal to me.

Yes I could imagine killing somebody. In war, it’s not like you et to know the poor sap. They’re looking down the sights of a weapon at you and you’re looking down the sights of a weapon at them and the one with better reflexes or better weaponry or better aim- but sometimes the one with better luck- lives. It’s me or you, it ain’t gonna be me. Not saying this excuses anything… It’s just that the humanistic part of your brain turns off in the fervor of survival instincts, and, I’m sure, in the heat of hatred.

Fear as Americans are infected with Ebola


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Ebola Runaway Found in House of Faith Healer | Daily Two Cents 



Well well well would you look here- imagine that! Faith and fear are an ugly combination when you have some uneducated Ebola patient thinking a hack fraud will save them.

Outrage as Lagos Pastor Boasts of Ebola Cure

Outrage as Lagos Pastor Boasts of Ebola Cure


Kid on Facebook tries to justify euthanizing everybody with Ebola


This is the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Here’s why you should be worried.

 July 28 at 2:12 PM

The worst Ebola outbreak in history has put a number of countries in West Africa in lockdown, led to the deaths of nearly 700 people since February and brought new reports of doctors, including Americans, contracting the virus they are attempting to contain. The situation is undeniably scary. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Ebola?

Ebola viral disease is a highly infectious illness with fatality rates up to 90 percent, according to the U.N. World Health Organization. Symptoms initially include a sudden fever as well as joint and muscle aches and then typically progress to vomiting, diarrhea and, in some cases, internal and external bleeding — you can see a full, grim description of symptoms compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) here.

The virus spreads through contact with bodily fluids of someone who is infected. Reports of human infections usually first emerge in remote areas that are in proximity to tropical rain forests, where humans can come into contact with animals such as chimpanzees, gorillas and forest antelope. The consumption of bush meat is often a precursor to such outbreaks. The WHO says fruit bats are probably the natural host for the virus.

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Ebola Updates - Here’s A Summary Of the Latest News Concerning the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa.

As reported earlier, the current outbreak of Ebola in several West African countries is the deadliest on record.

The first wave of this outbreak first occurred earlier this year with confirmed cases in both Guinea and Liberia. Now, currently in its second wave, a senior official at Doctors Without Borders has described the outbreak as being ‘totally out of control’ as the death toll from the virus continues to escalate and has so far claimed close to 700 lives.

In recent news, health officials working to address and contain the disease have become infected with the virus resulting in the death of Liberian doctor Samuel Brisbane and Ugandan doctor Simon Ajok. Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die from the illness. Now, two American health workers Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol have both tested positive for the disease. Both are in isolation a treatment facility at the ELWA hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. Brantly and Writebol are said to be in stable but serious conditions.

Previously, cases had been announced in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. However, last week the first Ebola case of this outbreak was confirmed in Lagos, Nigeria, after a Liberian national that travelled on a yet unnamed airline collapsed at the Murtala Mohammed Airport and was rushed to hospital. Doctors confirmed he did have Ebola and within days, he had passed away from the disease. One of the local airlines in the country, Arik Air, has now banned all flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone.

A woman with Ebola on Sierra Leone has been tracked down by officials after she was forcibly removed from the hospital by her family.

According to The Guardian, the west African outbreak is the first time that Ebola, which was first discovered in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976, has appeared in heavily populated urban areas and international travel hubs. The mortality rate of the current outbreak is about 60%.

There is no cure or vaccine for the virus.

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Ebola disaster forces Liberia to seal borders 


The Times
Jerome Starkey, Africa Correspondent

Countries infected by the deadly ebola virus in Africa were last night resorting to increasingly desperate measures to control the worst outbreak the world has ever known.

Liberia’s president closed all but four of the country’s borders while Nigeria shut and quarantined a hospital yesterday as the death toll rose to at least 674 people in four countries.

President Sirleaf also restricted public gatherings and quarantined the most heavily affected communities in Liberia after one of the doctors who was treating ebola patients in Monrovia, the capital, died of the disease on Saturday. (Read more…) | Threat of Ebola in U.S downplayed by health officials


The U.S Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has made light of the possibility of an Ebola outbreak in the U.S, stating that the spread of Ebola from West Africa is unlikely.

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Could deadly Ebola virus reach Britain?

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